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Mortgage Refinance



We Now offer 100% VA mortgage refinances. This applies to both a conventional to VA or an FHA to VA refinance. We still (and have always) offered a no appraisal VA streamline product IRRRL.

For a home improvement mortgage, the value we use is the value AFTER the improvements. This is important because most other lenders use the "as is" value. This affects your interest rate, closing costs, and possible PMI.

Usda has lowered their costs, it might make sense to see if a USDA streamline would benefit you.

FHA streamlines refinances do not require an appraisal with us.


Why are FDIC insured banks so much more expensive than Southwest Funding?

1. They have to pay for FDIC insurance.

2. They have to pay for all of the support staff (tellers,csrs, operations staff, etc.)

3. They have to pay for the massive amounts of advertising they do on television, radio, and the web.

4. They're overall cost structure is much, much higher than ours!